Healing Starts Within was created with the sole purpose of bringing healing to any individual who has encountered life trauma (everyone right?). During my course you will learn the importance of addressing and healing trauma, the method pf practicingmindfulness, the art of meditation, how to balance and unblock the chakras, and many more things. You will leave this course having a better handle on life, and a much better understanding of your position and purpose here.

"Throughout this course I was provided the essentials I needed to make changes and start the mending process. Thank you Victoria for your guidance and for simplifying the process..."

- T. W.

It's Within For Me

My clients benefit greatly from not only learning the importance and the power of going within, but they learn HOW to go within. My course will teach you the tools needed to tap into your strength.

Body Balance

This course will teach you how to find balance in the body, and therefore the mind and spirit, through the use of intentional eating, yoga and meditation, chakra healing, etc.

Connection to the Creator

While life may fill us with obstacles and distractions that interfere with our connection with the Divine Source, I provide tools needed that will allow you to find that connection again and develop that trust in the Most High.

Hi Family, I’m Victoria.

I'm a natural born healer in many different modalities. As a soul I find safety and security in awareness that I am the soul and not the body, and I take great pleasure in utilizing this understanding in aiding the healing and restoration of others.